Sweet Peas are one of my favorite flowers.  The early summer arrival.  I love going out before the world is fully awake and cutting a large bouquet of the sweet smelling beauties whilst the grass is still damp and the dew is on the petals of these beauties.


I purchased my sweet peas from two different sources this year.  Floret Flowers and Higgledy Gardens.  I have probably about 15 different varieties. Some them I have grown in years gone by and a lot of new ones that I am very excited to see the results of.


I usually start my sweet peas in the kitchen on the heated floors.  As soon as they peak their little heads out of the soil I take them and put them in a sheltered spot outside and for me that at the far end of the greenhouse out of the wind.  Sweet Peas like cooler weather.  You want to grow rugby players not athletes.  If you keep them in the warm you will get straggly, skinny athletes, keep them in a cool sheltered spot and you will get tough rugby players.


Once they grow a couple of inches tall you need to pinch off the middle stem to encourage new strong growth.  My sweet peas are now a few inches tall so today between cooking roast lamb for our Easter Dinner I planted the first two rows of my sweet peas.  I am hoping we are past the danger of a really severe frost, I just have to worry about the one or two naughty chickens we have that insist that their acre of fully fenced field full of all sorts of juicy bugs is not quite enough for them and they fly out and start scratching around my flower field.....so I am hoping that they do not attack my new sweat peas otherwise roast chicken may be on the menu.

I have many more sweet peas to plant out but as always I ran out of time this weekend and it will have to wait for another day.  Thankfully the weather report looks wonderful for the next week and with the evenings getting lighter I might be able to get some more of these little chaps into the ground this week.

I will keep you updated with their progress and the results of my new sweet peas and how they compare to my old faithfuls.