Well this weekend is going to be interesting, my youngest son has flown down to LA to spend the weekend with his brother who is at University in San Diego.  Don’t get me wrong I’m really happy that my boys get along so well that they want to hang out together, and really who can blame them for choosing Southern California, the weather is Washington is abysmal at the moment, part of me wishes that I had tagged along too – but I did not want to spoil their fun!


My husband said that this weekend was going to be like a trial run for when they are both away at University.  That made my heart miss a beat…….I don’t want that day to come, not that I don’t love my husband but I love the energy, laughter & noise that the kids bring to the house & maybe the strength that I often need when I need things lifted or a hole dug which they do with such relative ease rather that me struggle and curse tying to be “one of the boys”.


Instead of being sad all weekend missing my young men I am going to embrace it, after all I did have a life before I became a mother, it is sometimes hard to remember that far back but I am pretty sure I did.  That being said, life takes funny twists and turns.  Instead of sitting back and relaxing when the boys have both left home I know that I am going to be as busy as always, just a different busy, it won’t be driving all over the state to soccer games or constantly loading the washing machine it will be a different busy.  


I would have never have dreamt that I would have owned my own business, and guess what it is doing rather well.  This weekend’s“to do list” is even longer than my journal has space for this weekend.  I will hope to cross off at least a quarter of those projects.  But along with putting my new David Austin Roses into the ground, planting my first batch of sweet peas starts into the ground, setting up our new office (which after 10 years will not longer be in our kitchen – yippee!!)  I am also going to squeeze in some relaxing things.  I started with a hot yoga class tonight – boy is that good for stretching out those tired muscles and clearing the constant chatter, which always seems to be at the back of your mind.  We are also going to try and remember to go out for dinner before we collapse in front of the fire at night, and take a long walk with our hugely energetic puppy on some new trails that we have not been to before.  Maybe life after our boys will be OK.  Life ebbs & flows and sometimes takes on a new normal and that is how it is supposed to be, and at least they have chosen somewhere warm to go to school so when the Washington grey gets too much for us come February or March we have somewhere to escape to.

The view from our farm, it never gets old.  PC: Stephen R. Phayre