As I sit here in front of the fire thinking about the year that has just passed by, and we are already in mid February. 2018 was my fourth growing season, it was the year that I took the plunge and left the security of my office job and a regular paycheck to become a full time flower farmer!

Each season I make small changes with my business and it’s direction. Developing what makes my heart happy and pulling away from the things that don’t fulfill me. I decided that I need more growing space to make my business succeed. We have 5 acres here but not all of it is suitable for growing. We have woods, a creek & slopped fields that the animals graze on. Thankfully I have a neighbor across the lane from us that has nice flat land, he has rented my one of his fields. I have been able to quadruple my growing space.


2018 saw me cut back on the amount of weddings that I did, I wanted to keep some kind of balance between my family life and work. My youngest son leaves for college this summer and I want to make the most of this precious time I have left with him at home.

One of the areas of my business that grew in 2018 was the event side of it. I love hosting events on our little farm. We hosted our first wedding in 2018, we had dinners in the greenhouse and then of course the workshops that Kelly from Ciderpress Lane & I host. I love hosting these events, and for 2019 I have a birthday brunch, a glassybaby pop roadshow, a visit from a local gardening club plus some exciting new workshops booked so far.

It has defiantly been a learning curve trying to become as efficient as possible with my time especially when it comes to harvesting and creating bouquets. I am now providing bouquets each week for two of our local grocery stores - Central Market in Poulsbo and Town & Country Market on Bainbridge Island. I love that this company truly does support local businesses and enables them to make an honest living.

I guess the biggest adjustment this year will be having my youngest son move away to university - I will miss him so much plus all the lifting, moving and digging big holes will be down to my husband and I! Thankfully we have plenty to keep us busy here so I think we will survive.

Last year we made our first cider from the apple trees on the property which was exciting and something that we are going to increase next year, we have called it Crouch Creek Cider (Crouch Creek runs though our property). We are also hoping that we will have lambs in the next few weeks which I can’t wait for and then we also have pigs coming in the next month - these will be raised for meat.

There are more exciting plans in the pipe line too… will have to watch this space for an announcement towards the summer.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure this life that we are creating for ourselves is true. It is a lot of hard work and long hours but I would not trade it for anything.